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Details The-Theater-is-in-the-Street-Politics-and-Public-Performance-in-1960s

Explores the link between cultural expression and political protest; During the 1960s, the SNCC Freedom Singers, The Living Theatre, the Diggers, the Art Workers Coalition, and the Guerrilla Art Action Group fused art and politics by staging ...

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Details Justice-Society-VOL-01-Justice-Society-of-America-Numbered

Justice Society: VOL 01 (Justice Society of America (Numbered))

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Details The-Regional-and-Local-Shaping-of-World-Society-Edited-for-the-World-Society-Foundation-World-Society-Studies-Band-2

The Regional and Local Shaping of World Society Globalization is usually seen as a uniform force producing similar social consequences across all societies affected. The contributions in this volume challenge this notion by demonstrating that ...

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Details The-Earliest-English-Angles-Carini-Warings-Rugians-or-Russians-Hunsing-Local-names-of-England-Read-before-the-Antiquarian-Society-the-Literary-Society-the-Royal-Historical-Society

The Earliest English. Angles, Carini, Warings, Rugians or Russians, Hunsing. Local names of England. (Being papers read before the Antiquarian Society, the Literary Institutions of Constantinople and Smyrna, the Ethnological Society, and the Royal ...

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Details Science-Technology-and-Society-A-Sociological-Approach

Science, Technology, and Society Science, Technology and Society: A Sociological Approach is a comprehensive guide to the emergent field of science, technology, and society (STS) studies and its implications for today's culture and society. Full ...

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Details Society-of-Invisibles-Vinyl-Single

DOUBLE LP: The Society Of Invisibles,The Society Of Invisibles